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Percolation Area


At Abbey Environmental we provide comprehensive septic tank services including the design and installation of percolation areas.

A percolation area is an important element to any waste water treatment system. Consisting of perforated pipes in a ground trench, the percolation area provides filtration and treatment of waste water. The water passes through the perforated pipes and the unsaturated subsoil below the trench provides the filtration. Depending on the depth of your trench and the drainage ability of the soil, you many need to add secondary or tertiary treatment to the percolation area. These additional systems include pressured polishing filters, sand filters, and puraflos.

Abbey Environmental offers complete percolation area design and installation services. Based upon the initial assessment, we will be able to recommend the best percolation area and additional systems for you and your property.

Percolation Area

Maintenance & Repairs

In addition to the design and installation of percolation areas, we also provide maintenance and repair services.

Just as with the main septic tank it is important to have regular maintenance work carried out on the percolation area. Replacing the pipes and systems can be a very costly project. However, if you repair any problems as soon as they arise, you will prevent the need for a replacement. The percolation area works together with the rest of your septic tank, So when your percolation area works efficiently water treatment system work efficiently. With over 35 years of professional experience, Abbey Environmental guarantees high quality maintenance and repairs works on all varieties of percolation areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best type of percolation area?

    Each kind of percolation area has its advantages. The best type for you depends on the size of your tank, if there is limited space, and particular site conditions. Our team can recommend the best type for you following your percolation area design consultation.

  • How much does it cost to install a percolation area?

    For a free percolation area design and installation quote please contact the Abbey Environmental team directly or book a free consultation with us.