Biocycle Septic Tank Cost

First things first, although often referred to as septic tanks, bioCycle tanks are in fact wastewater treatment systems. Well wants the difference, you may ask? In brief, the major difference between a septic tank and a wastewater treatment solution is how they break down waste.

With a septic tank, any solids that enter the tank sink to the bottom. Anything that floats moves to the top of the tank forming the catchily titled scum layer. The water in between the scum layer and the bottom of the tank contains bacteria and various chemicals. Slowly but surely the waste in a septic tank is broken down through natural processes.
A wastewater treatment system, on the other hand, takes a much more active approach to breaking down waste. Within the wastewater treatment system, mechanical discs trigger a process known as "aerobic bacterial breakdown." This process means the water can be released into a defined area in the ground for further treatment. This area is referred to as the percolation area.
Even from this basic explanation of how septic tanks and wastewater treatment areas work, you might begin to understand why a wastewater system costs more than a septic tank.


Installation of a Wastewater system

A major factor when costing a wastewater system is the complexity of the installation. As we already touched on, a wastewater system is more complex than a septic tank and requires a larger installation area. The percolation area along with the actual system needs space to be installed. This could likely increase the installation time as stones, rocks and other obstacles will likely need to be removed before the installation can begin in earnest.
While you may have heard that a wastewater system may cost anywhere from €2500 to €3500 it’s impossible to give an accurate quote without first accessing the site.


accurate bioCycle quotes

Our team of expert engineers have installed numerous bioCycle wastewater treatment systems in domestic and commercial properties all over Clare. We can give you an accurate quote of what the installation will cost when we access your property. If you’re interested in receiving an accurate quote rather than a rough figure, please contact us today. For more information on the bioCycle units, please visit our septic tank installations page.


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